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My darkest hours are the times I grow & every time I am broken I know that it's only so I can be restored.

Music is my refuge. -

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Favorite Quote Life\'s Too Short To Be Miserable
Vices apparently Chaos is my vice
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Music HARD rock, Metal Step, Dirty Filthy Nasty Dubstep, Hard core anything, Lamb of God, Decapitated, Korn, In This Moment, Hatebreed, Zomboy, Killbot, JDevil (Jon Davis, Korn), Knife Party, Slipknot......
Movies the ones with moving pictures
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I Love to Go to Concerts

I'M Addicted To Music Now If I Could Just Remember them all :) Shall we begin by decade???1970s Styx (personal friends - seen em 100s of times) [more]
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  • I Am a Phd Student

    Hell Yeah :D Took me 30 years to get my Master's Degree - Now I'm in the process of getting my PhD Life is TOO short - grab an education when you're young, it gets harder as you go along … [more]
  • I Like to Collect Quotes

    Life's Short - Fish Hard! it's not just about fishing (although fishing is my daily obsession) it's about everything... don't waste a moment, take in all that is around you... you never know when it will all be gone in the bl… [more]
  • I Want To Read Your Vague Messages To People You Used To Love

    Disapointed you watched him pass from child to man, you took his manhood and you slowly destroyed him......for shame… [more]
  • I M Gonna Marry You Someday

    This Was Over A Year Ago what about now my handsome pirate.....what happens now… [more]
  • Presenting The NEW Lineup :D

    Posted on: May 31st, 2013 at 1:49PM (static contact page for the umbrella company of all these other sites) (THE social Entertainment site - FREE GIFT with FREE membership) (a hilarious picture site) (photo sharing site) and .com (Emotional, life, family, work - support/info site) (a site for whatever floats your boat) (pending site for friendship)ALL of these sites are up and running and waiting for YOU to join!!! Why settle for less when you can have the ultimate in social networking all brought to you by… [more]


  • Just in case anyones interested in this relationship dynamic... D/bg

    Posted on: July 15th, 2013 at 11:53AM

    What is a Daddy Dom Like? Daddy Doms love their littles unconditionally. They cherish the woman as well as her inner little and revel in her childlike personality, her innocence and her appreciation of the simple things like cuddles and cartoons on a weekend morning, milkshakes instead of coffee and the way she turns to him for reassurance. He protects her, guides her when she is unsure of loses her way, he helps her reach her goals and is proud of her when she does. Daddy Doms with a sadistic streak may love to cause her physical pain, the type she likes and craves, but he hates and does everything he can not to hurt her emotionally. He will punish her for transgression, whether he enjoys… [more]


  • To those who actually know me here

    Posted on: October 10th, 2013 at 12:06PM

    I just wanted to leave a note here.... just in case...i have a death threat against me now (in real life). If i should disappear you'll know why, it means she somehow succeeded despite my best efforts and i am gone. If that happens, i would like my friends... my real (on line) friends to know you mean the world to me. I don't come here too often so check Chaos to see if I'm still breathing.sigh :-/not sure where to go from life IS absolute chaos........................… [more]


  • what - fuking - ever

    Posted on: September 19th, 2013 at 10:14AM

    going to make a list of the things I'm tired of I'm tired of being a "dirty little secret" I'm tired of being an option and not a priority I'm tired of ungrateful people in my life I'm tired of waking up alone and scared shitless I'm tired of not being able to sleep more than an hour I'm tired of not being able to eat anything without being in severe pain I'm tired of stupid excuses I'm tired of lies I'm tired of being expected to be a good lil subby and just sit back and take the punishment I'm tired of MY feelings not being listened to I'm tired of people wanting me to listen to their drivel but, when i have an issue i get an eye roll and a "ummm yeah ok - but "I" have this going on" I'm t… [more]