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I am not only angry I am also sad, for Paula Deen, she had told the truth. This is what you get firedfor something she had done in the past

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I My Life As Of Today

True Reality Of My Daily Life October 18,2013 and I have been living with my sister and her husband for almost 5 years and nothing has changed with my sister. My sister sits and watches TV all day. Programs like DR, Phil and... [more]
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  • I Am a Middle Child

    As A Middle Child Is The Forgottin Child With my family situation, I was forgottin, the oldest was suppose to teach,etc. Not in my family.… [more]
  • I Family

    No One Told Me Mom Had Terminal Cancer. I knew mom had colon cancer, my sister was the one that took mom the doctors visits and the hospital emergency room when mom was having a medical problem. I showed up every time when my sister called.… [more]
  • I Want to Tell My Story

    Bernadine's Anger, Part Two, As I had mentioned in the first part of Bernadine's anger,  When mom force feed my sister Janet, she did try it on all each one of us, though mom found out at the time, I was not going to let here do… [more]
  • I Want to Tell My Story

    Growing Up With Bernadine's Anger. The Blackboard What kind of parent force feeds a child, puts her arm around a child pinch the childs nose, so she opens her mouth then stuffs the childs mouth full of food and makes her swallow.   What kind of par… [more]
  • Construction dump truck drivers.did the trucks seat distroy you for the rest of your life

    Posted on: February 18th, 2012 at 1:21AM

    Contruction Companies and manufactures of truck seats, I want to start a class action lawsuit. I drove for 10 years,my lower lumbar is distroyed. Fellow drivers from same employer there backs are distroyed.  Oscellating seats,air seats, broken.Truck seats manufacturers,that do not know how to design a seat to protect the drivers lower lumbar.  I am looking for drivers who have worked in the Midwest to Texas.   It is time drivers tell your story.  It is our right to work in a safe enviroment.  Orthopedic doctors know for a fact that truck seats is the cause of our backs being distroyed.   Please tell your story  Contruction Companies make billions in profit especially from state contracts. Th… [more]