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I Have A Parent Who Insults Me

My mums threatening that if I loose another dress size, she's taking me to the doctors. Meanwhile, my dad won't stop driving diets and how much extra fat I have down my throat. One must be delusional... [more]
  • I Am Sad and Lonely

    I thought I was going to do it this time.. I sat on the edge of my bed, pills in my hand, crying. I had a really bad day, just like every other. There's this guy, at school. I think I like him. He's r… [more]
  • I Have Dad Issues

    He hit me.. He's never done it before. Me and my dad were shopping, for food. We got what we wanted, eventually, and headed for the checkout. We put the stuff in the trolley. I wheeled i… [more]
  • I Hate Being Ugly

    No one realised how ugly I am. Do you honestly feel the need to lie to me every single day. I know I'm not, and false hope is not something that's easily come by for me. Mainly thanks to… [more]
  • I Just Need Someone to Talk to

    I really need someone to talk to. Not someone I know, just a stranger that I can basically pour my heart out to. I just feel really low. I hate dumping my problems on other people. But anyone willing … [more]