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someone please help me i'm so lonely

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    I am deeply saddened
    i feel like the sky is falling so to life has been a very interesting story but especially my more recent years as a young is interesting how i can always be the person that can always be easily left for i do my best to be a good person..nobody is perfect but am i missing something? like am i like unloveable? i know nobody here wouldn't know but here i go again feeling like i have not a friend in the world...parents are always there as much as they can be but the truth of the matter is they will not always be there to "save me" i am beginning to get very upset and dissapointed because it is so easy for people to just block me name is david michael g… [more]
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    it seems like i am in a league all my own
    it kinda feels like i am just me myself and i forever as long as i'm alive i look in the mirror and i see me i just see me...i see people and i see them they are in their league and i am in mine how do i join them??...… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i wish a girl would like me
    it just dose not ever happen...i wonder why??? i'm so confused what do i do i need answers's pathetic isnt there nice straight women who want a real friend? come on now i mean it's to the point i wish i was a girl just to be accepted by a girl .....shame....… [more]
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    i have always had
    dreams about halloween it is just something that i always dream about here and there it's cool cause each dream is different but it always has the same fun feeling … [more]