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its a love hate thing
im rlly 14(when i write this at 10/19/11) :) lol

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I Remember My First Love

My First Love For a girl, the first crush you had was gonna be your first love.... I'm a different girl. I've had multiple crushes, and a few became more than a crush... and with that, it ended in a crushing let... [more]
  • I Cried Today

    The Last Month My Last month has been nothing but pain. Cancer reeking in my family, killing off one of my closes cousins, Amanda Foden. Infections crawl into my mom, as she loses blood to a slow and pai… [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    I Hate Myself i'v turned into a lazy, peice of ****!! not that i already think of myself as that but everyone seems to think tht about me too ... like the lazy part isnt true, but just a piece of ****… [more]
  • I My Life Sucks

    My Life hi my name is katie, im gonna tell you about my life. i dont care who knows who i am, cuz anyone who's ever met me, will always get my trust and my heart and will just take it and rip it ! after… [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    Not My Past Turning Into The Presant.. i've always been hurrassed and bullyed all my life... by family members, or by complete strangers.. but the past summer untill now i havnt bn bullied at all... like i said untill n… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i've been eating less again
    when i was younger, i was, as my mom says, 'a fat kid'.. and i got picked on soooo badely ! it was sadening cuz no one would help me.. soo around the end of 7th grade-end of 8thgrade i stopped eating.. not completely, like id hav a meal once a wk.. a lil snack every few days.. but i was 150pounds to, well then, 120pounds,... and i still wasnt happy ... but i startd eating again cuz my friends wer consern for my heath so i ate alil more.. and now im 130pounds, about a month ago.. well i feel rlly fat ! i feel disgusted w. myself so i stopped eating, and i dropped to 125pounds and grew to be 5'10'' .. apperently im under my weight limit by 20 pounds.. BS! AND IM STILL BEING CALLED FAT !!!!  ug… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i inflect pain upon myself
    iv recently stared cutting myself once again.. after a month of not cutting, i started once again, cuz' i need it !... it calms me down and stop the tears when i inflect pain upon my wrists... this is my third time iv restarted cutting myself.. and i do it for the pain i feel in my heart.. i feel non-human wen im not cutting myself, i need to see the red bubbles of blood come thru my skin to reasure im still human, that i'm 'normal like the others. each mark repersent a time of my life i just wanted to disapere or 'die'.. i keep it hiddin from my friends, except for my closes ones, and people who find out. but i keep it from my parents, because they'll say i'll try to commit suicide. even th… [more]