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Tired Of Running The memoryStands like a cracked bronze statuein a museumtalking, smiling we are tired with life We struggle to frustrateold pressures on our backs,rain beats... [more]
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    The Master Of The House Master, I am A sTranger to you but will you to hear my  confession? I am a faceless man who lives in the backyard of your house I share your tab… [more]
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    To A Bed Bug I wonder how long, you awful parasite Shall share with me  this little bed, And make me , from my  sweets  dreams be lost By sucking blood from my poor head … [more]
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    How Can I Embrace Life? With my accesion in this wicked place_The Planet Earth How can I embrace life? My earnest earning almost earful Not enough to last for half a moon Left alone save a penny… [more]
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    The Miniskirt To visualize what you cant see Thats the paradoxical pleasure of the Mind In the afterbirth of seeing, Death of imagination To dally on the brink of reality… [more]