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I Think One Can Never Have Enough Pillows

I Love Pillows^^ i love the feeling of being surrounded by soft things:)i have...*counts on fingers*... 7. and a massive down comforter. and i wouldnt say no to more:) [more]
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  • I Think Differently Than Others

    I Took A Professional Test my brain type was diagnosed as similar to only .7% of the entire american population. point seven. not, 7%, .7% that means only 14 people in my entire, massively overpopulated school who think similar… [more]
  • I Love My Girlfriend, She's So Cute

    Cuz I'm Lucky Like That the group name really says it all... but she refuses to believe it. so i gotta get her to see herself the way i see her:) (and i know you read thisX] )… [more]
  • I Lost Myself Somewhere Along the Way

    What's Going On Here!?! Ever since 2 years ago, my life seems to have been falling apart. Obviously, I had the normal 'teen angst' thing goin on, but my life only seems to get worse and more confusing and difficult. I'm not … [more]
  • I Wtk Are You Depressed

    Yeah Right "Your Depression Level: 92% You seem to be severely depressed. You should seek immediate attention from your physician. Depression can be cured - you just need to take the first ste… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I guess I'm just not good enough.
    (please read, there is a question at the end!!) No matter what I do, how I change or resist, I'm NEVER good enough. I give everything all I have, but sometimes I run out of me. Everyone wants a piece of me, and I often don't have any of me to myself. I'm losing control, losing my grip, slipping into a neverending freefall. but worse than that, I don't even care. I don't have the time or energy to care, I'm to f*cking busy trying to be good enough. I give everything I have to my schooling. Last few years, I'd aced every class I've taken. Guess what? not good enough. Now I take college courses alongside my normal highschool classes, and I pass them all. Guess what? Not goo… [more]