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Yes, my name on here used to be Arava. I deleted it to start over fresh. I do not have two profiles. I am not here to date anyone, to have any childish drama, nor am I here to be a collectors friend. I have a job and a life so I am almost never online, however, when I am I will be here for anyone who needs a friend.

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Lost Slipping, sliding, falling down, While thoughts in my head spin round and round. Splishing, splashing, one by one, The tears fall fast and heavy, never done. Spinning... [more]
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  • Family Confessions

    This SUCKS!!!!
    I am so frustrated.... I don't want to be in Tacoma anymore. I went to visit my parents and the car ride was quiet and awkward. All conversation was forced and strained. I arrived at the house and almost immediately everyone disappeared. Mom went downstairs and dad, no surprise, went to the garage. I sat, bored, for half an hour by myself playing around on my phone before getting mad and leaving. My friend came and got me and I've been gone since. Im ready to go back home. Dreading going back to the hellhole and having to stay there longer. I have no one to talk to, im bored, and lonely, and homesick. FML........… [more]