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I'm Kali. I'm 16 and in 11th grade. I am homeschooled. I have one brother who is 17. I play the flute and the piano. I'm a Christian and a Baptist. I love my mommy! And my daddy but he is REALLY strict and he drives me crazy! My best friend is Kerri!!!

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I Play the Flute

I Elearned In School... The school I used to go to made every student play an instrument, and I played the flute. I learned it for years and now I can play really well, but I never play it anymore... [more]
  • I Was Spanked As A Child

    I Used To Be Spanked A Lot! My dad used to spank me all the time. He would say "I'm gonna blister your butt so bad, you won't be able to walk!" It was scary. Of course he never did that. He would usually use his belt but sometim… [more]
  • I Play Piano

    I Like To Play The Piano!!! I have been taking piano lessons for 11 years, and it as taken me that long to really get pretty good at playing. This year is when it all kinda came together for me. I started playing with the chords… [more]