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About I am very secretive when it comes to stuff about me and my past. I'm usually pretty nice but if my friend or family member is getting picked on then I'm not so nice anymore. I like to meet new ppl and chat but I have random mood swings so ya never know what mood I'll be in or for how long. I'm very sensitive to others emotions and I spend most of my time alone, I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I hold many secrets and often hide things from the people I trust most. I'm a yaoi fan (i don't care what u think), love Anime and manga and draw in my free time. I don't have "a special some one" and doubt I ever will.
Last Seen Mar 2
Member Since Apr 07, 2011
Favorite Quote “\"Even if I remembered how it started, it wouldn\'t change how it ended.\" - Me”
Horoscope Taurus
Special day
Books Just no romance!
Music I\'ll listen to just about anything but i hate country and rap.
Movies don\'t have any
Local Time August 4th, 6:08 PM
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