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I Am Bipolar

Help When people went to the doctors about this was it a long time before they were able to say you had bi polar ... I don't think I have bi polar I have googled it and from what I read it might explain a... [more]
  • I Love Him But Im Not Attracted

    Not Attracted To Her It's just when she smokes hate the smell hate the taste hate everything about it when she smokes all the attraction I have for her leaves me when she isn't smoking as in "quit" I'm very attracted to h… [more]
  • I Almost Died

    Last Sunday I was driving home doing 100kms an hour I lost control of my car hit a bank on the side of the road and rolled about 4 times I was very lucky and able to get straight out of the with only minor cuts a… [more]
  • I Hate Smoking

    Girl Friend Smoking I have had a few smokes here and there but never have been addicted ... While I was growing up both my parents smoked and as a kid I always felt that our family didn't have much money I think that's w… [more]
  • I Get Angry and Want to Punch the Wall

    Lied To I work night shift and the last couple of nights I have gotten so angry thinking about how my girlfriend lied to me for a month about her smoking I thought she had quit but behind my back she was smok… [more]