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Self-proclaimed gentleman and lover of knowledge (Im not some giant brain) . I enjoy the company of "interesting" people. What I mean by interesting? I don't know to be honest.

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  • a little Chinese
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Vices My vices or what I hate? Anyway, mine are... emotionally dispondent. (Im cold)
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Books The Thief Lord, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, The dark Is Rising, Focaults Pendelum, The Wardstone Chronicles, Oliver twist, Kingkiller trilogy
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I Am a Gentleman

Chivalry Though I think this has been said by many its the only way to start this. I am a gentleman. Though mainly for women; men, I could care less. It is a man's duty to be chivalrous and courteous... [more]
  • I Think I Am Unlovable

    With Only A Thought I cannot fully understand how one should interact with others. I can be charming, caring, sincere, even joke. Yet when it comes down to the end of the day it doesn't feel real. I honestly do not have … [more]
  • I Am Afraid That I'll End Up Alone

    I Simply Give Up. After a certain point I just have to quit. Love is near impossible to find in this day and age. Call me young and immature, if you wish, but after everything I have seen in my life and the experience… [more]
  • I Random

    I say what is to follow not out of seeking pity but to at least have it said. I honestly have no idea why I am still alive. I do not consider myself the most unfortunate person, nor the most sca… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I think so much its painful
    Not quite sure why or how my mind works in the manner it does. One minute it will start on something like a table, next i would be considering how to build a house entirely of wood. Though that was a rather bland example. simply put it, my mind moves from one tangent to another but it is not random thought or ADD. I can easily focus on what im doing and do it quickly; but if I finish any task fast I will begin to over think it which leads me to ponder other subjects related to this which ultimately is rather depressing. For example, I went to Wendy's earlier today and after I paid, while waiting, I began to think about the economy and ways to fix it. long story short, it led to the solution … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    seems to be more common within society today, or at least so im told. As a guy in his senior year (17 atm) and actually thinks about thinks critically i cant help but sum up the thought  of "This really sucks".  To simply put it, there is no order. The economy sucks and I cant even find a job, rap music is just **** in my personal standards yet it seems to be the mainstream type now, I cant find a girl who wants me for me and not my body, as the last born and only son im stuck dealing with the crazy crap brought about by my mother and school just sucks. I dont mean this in the generic sense but in the sense that students cannot oppose improper teachings. For example, my english class the oth… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Cannot understand the one thing I should.
    I honestly cannot figure out myself. I can understand others easily with few errors in the matter but I cannot seem to get a grasp on who I am. I know, I'm young and have time to discover myself but that is not the case. Yes, there are things I do but that is more of a manner of faking things. I can spout pretty words yet change nothing. At this point I cannot help but question whether to delete this before it starts to go onto incoherent babble or just go on. I guess it may due to low self-esteem or self-loathing but I have always tried to ignore my life. Childhood died, early on, realization of love was depressing as hell, and general dislike for most mainstream things, yet it never bother… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I think im broken
    My entire life's story could be written into a rather odd tragic comedy. Simply put it, every hope that has existed gets crushed almost immediately. Yet, I don't do anything about it. I mean, what is there to do? As a child in elementary school even the teachers noticed this and thought I was bottling up emotions, so I ended up doing this odd child anger management thing which I was kicked out for not being expressive. Afterwards I was put into taekwondo which I ended up quitting because I just felt like it. I was told I had talent in it but I wasn't interested.Later I was told I had to have some way of working out my emotions and by my mothers urging ended up doing therapy during my 7th gra… [more]