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I am a college student who loves horses, dogs, barrel racing, water skiing, snowmobiling.

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I Have Lost a Beloved Pet

Al And Otto My best friend growing up was my dog Al. He was just a mutt we rescued from the shelter as a puppy when I was 8 yrs.old. He was Shepard and who knows what else mix. Al was very smart (actually... [more]
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  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    Bedtime Spankings My mom spanked me and my sister all the time when we were kids.  My sister is 2 yrs. older than me and when I was like 5 or 6 we shared a bedroom together.  Instead of going to sle… [more]
  • I Have a Big Butt

    My Big Butt I have had a big butt since I was about 12 years old. It seems like it just of got bigger than the rest of my body all of a sudden. I am not fat but I have a small waist and a big bottom and thighs. I… [more]
  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    Mean Sister I have a sister who is two years older than I am. Although we get along great now growing up it was a very different story. We both got spanked growing up but it seems like I did alot more than she d… [more]
  • I Think Real Men Dont Hit Women

    My Boyfriend I have been going with this guy for almost 1 yr. Usually he is really nice and fun to be with. But sometimes if I do something dumb or **** him off he grabs me by the hair and slaps me in the face. I … [more]