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Well, I love James Dean. If I could just sit down and have a conversation with him and just listen to everything about him...Well I'd be the happiest girl that has ever lived.
-Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today-

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I Love James Dean

One Thing He's got that certain thing, that one thing that I've never seen in anyone else. He's really different from everybody else. He's got that one thing that I love. [more]
  • I Love James Dean

    I Love You, Jimmy. The first time I saw him was on my optical illusions book, I had no idea who he was. Then I searched him up; best things I've ever done. And now he's my wallpaper on my phone, laptop, and school compu… [more]
  • I Love James Dean

    I Love You, Jimmy Whenever I see his name, whenever I hear his name, I literally just stop whatever I'm doing. ┬áHe's just simply my favorite actor. It's funny because I'm 14 and my friends don't know who the heck … [more]
  • I Love James Dean

    I Love You, Jimmy. I wish I could be James Dean for one day, imagine everything that went through his mind? Everything he had to do in just one day? It seems crazy, but I wish I could've been Jimmy.… [more]
  • I Love James Dean

    I Love You, Jimmy. I just love the way he makes smoking look cool, basically, he makes anything look cool. His blue jeans, white shirt, red jacket...whatever it is, he's cool. Goodnight, everyone. Hope ya'll hav… [more]