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I'm married to my best friend, but I don't really have any other friends except him. I really like sharing some of my wisdom, so if you have a question that needs answering, msg me and I'll give it a shot!

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I Have No Close Friends

Haven't Had A Close Friendship Since High School Although I'm married, I really don't have many close girlfriends that I can talk to. I love my husband but I can't expect him to fulfill all my social needs. I really need a good girlfriend, only have... [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    When The Stars Go Blue By Sevigny & Ryan Adams Or Tim Mcgraw, Or The Corrs...several Versions Dancin' when the stars go blue Dancin' when the evening fell Dancin' in your wooden shoes In a wedding gown Dancin' out on 7th street Dancin' through the undergrou… [more]
  • I Love the Sims 3

    I Don't Play The Sims 3 Unless I Know I Have A Least A Couple Of Hours To Play It... One hour is not enough! My obsession all started a while back when the first one was out. Heard about it fell in love with it from the previews. I got the game for Christmas, and tried to install it o… [more]
  • I Have Lost People I Love From Cancer

    Cancer Sucks! I have lost a lot of people that I love to Cancer. First, my cousin when she was 28 of lung cancer. Her father, my uncle also to lung cancer. His wife, my Aunt Joanne, lost her to esophageal cancer. I… [more]
  • I Love Playing Video Games

    My Husband Is A Gamer And So Am I! Two PS3's, One PSVita, One Nintendo DSi. My husband is into shooters while I like the more lazy games, I love the Sims 3 and play it every weekend on my laptop that is only for Sims, obsessive I know.… [more]