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I am caring, accepting, understanding. I try to be completly honest, but I am not always completely open. I with that I was able to trust people more but it's hard after feeling the judgments and dislike for people like us for so many years.

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I Love Lace Petticoats

I Love Everything Feminine When I was very little I loved girls. I would sneak into moms room and try on her panties. She cought me a few times and wouldn't let me wear them no matter how much I begged. When I got a little... [more]
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  • I Was Caught Wearing Girls Clothes

    Getting Caught I was caught a few times growing up and it was so embarrassing. I can remember being caught by my mother and dragged out in front of my parents friends and laughed at. At the time I hated being caught… [more]
  • I Boys Can Wear Prom Dresses To The Prom

    Love Pretty Dresses Since I was five years old I've wanted to wear girls dresses. It was a long time before I had the courage to go dress shopping. I now like to go shopping and let the girls know that I'm buying dresses… [more]
  • I Want Dresses And Skirts Available To Boys And Men

    |boys In Dresses I've often thought how nice it would be if I had a son or nephew that would show some interest in feminine things. I would turn my spare bedroom into a girls room and fill the closet and dressers with… [more]
  • I Would Love 2 B Crossdressed In A Room Full Of Women

    Embarrased When Caught I love wearing girls dresses and when dressed I often imagine being caught and dragged out infront of group of girls and women who would laugh and make fun of me. The thought of being caught is very s… [more]