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Open, upfront, good listener and someone who is will always be there for my loved ones, I workout and do mauy thai, and as a teenager grew up rough and was broken but it made me a strong woman today.

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Favorite Quote Never reget what u have done, 1 u can't take it back, 2 learn, grow from them. They are experiences that have made u the person u are today!
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I Am a United States Army Girlfriend

Nervous Well I'm from Pa and my boyfriend is stationed at Ft. Hood Tx and when he returns from Iraq he gets that month off which he'll spend some of it in Boston where his family is and I'll be their with... [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    PTSD Being Over Their I'm Katie and my boyfriend is over Iraq right now but he just had his r&r and it was tough. He had a hard time sleeping and when he would fall asleep he would sweat and toss and turn, reach for… [more]
  • I Support My Soldier

    Supporting Him No Matter What He Wants We have talked about what he wants to do when the time comes for him to re-enlist which is in 5 yrs but I like to know if he wants to make this his career or not and if he does I want him… [more]
  • I Love My Army Soldier

    My Soldier My Luvbug I'm Katie and my soldier is currently deployed for a little bit more. He just got his r&r which was a little hard but I just enjoyed being with him and love him and him love me. I have had… [more]
  • I Am a United States Army Girlfriend

    Being This Girlfriend I'm name is Katie 26 yrs old I currently live in PA for now. My boyfriend is currently in Iraq he still has half of his deployment left. He just had his R&R and those 2 weeks were hard he … [more]