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  • Venting Confessions

    once again...
    Once again...I'm here at this point, where I don't have anybody with me. I feel like I'm nothing for anybody. No one pays attention to what I say, what I think, I just don't feel like doing anything or saying anything. I'm lost. I don't feel important or worthy at all. What m I doing? Where m I standing? Call for help n m always there..but what about me? Is my life ever going to change? M I ever going to get someone who actually will be there for me? Just for me. Who will love me more than anything else, who will not care about anything else but me, who won't care if I'm fat or ugly. I'm so scared of being alone. Living alone. Dying alone. Its so hard for me to even cry these days. What does… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I'm not important..I guess..
    How does it help? I don't understand really! I mean if there's something wrong, something you're upset about and I'm asking why not just tell me straight away? What is with this stupid behaviour of just not talking,avoiding and ignoring?! This is ridiculous seriously I'm sick of this! I get it you want to be alone, I understand everytime but you need to tell me the matter atleast so that I know what is going on. Suddenly changing behaviour, suddenly talking rudely, avoiding my calls, and all this after knowing that I can't take these things easily! Thousands of bad things start coming to my mind and I just can't breathe if you just stop talking to me like that! I feel I've done something wro… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i know that everything is changed, life is not at all the same, people who existed went away, and those who were never came,   my heart is full of mixed feelings, i don't knw how to react, i am unable to understand, what exactly my life is becoming,   it's been a little while, since you have been away, it's been a long time, since we talked the last day..   i don't know why, but i still think about you, somewhere deep inside my heart, you still are there, because you were allways an important part..   everyone says that i should move on, but they don't show me the way, i should walk on, they just know my name and not my story, i don't know how can they j… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I hope she bestfriend is going through a very tough time right now. She's not able to get admission in any college and is so frustrated right now. She's hurt, she's in pain because this isn't what she dreamt of. Neither did I. Things are getting worse everyday. She doesn't meet me or talk to me, or anyone. She's not able to understand anything that I say. I can't really help her but I can't let her stay alone like this right? She's my bestfriend! But she wouldn't let me in. She said she doesn't need me. She doesn't wanna see me. I just want her to understand that life is hard and its only going to get harder, we can't give up like this. I can't let her give up on herself. Sh… [more]