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Friend not Foe. Lover not a fighter. Heart on my sleeve. Good head on my shoulders. Naive yet wise. Simple yet complex. I've been fooled but I'm no fool. Damaged but not destroyed. I am not without fault, not without blame, I am responsible for my actions. Truth or Consequence. Just a Heart Broken gal picking up and picking through the pieces... a work in progress.

I do imagine all the people...

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I Am Going to Be Friends With Who I Want to Be Friends With

Through My Eyes... What I see in someone with my own eyes and what they show me with their heart is not for you to judge. We are different things to different people and the beauty inside myself and yours cannot be... [more]
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  • I Want to Leave Everyone I Know Behind

    One Way Ticket: Anywhere South Of Somewhere It wouldn't be the first time that I jumped on a plane and escaped my reality for fantasy. I am pretty much a travel junkie who's high comes from the unknown... meeting new people, sharing in new exp… [more]
  • I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words

    Little Miss... Miss Missy! It is eerie and comforting that anothers words can feel as if they are your own or meant for you. Little Miss Down On Love Little Miss I Give Up Little Miss I'll Get Tough… [more]
  • I Want to Be Forgiven

    More Than Anything... I have wronged another and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. It tears at my soul that I am not able to see this person, to be spared a moment of their time to apologize and make amends. I do n… [more]
  • I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words

    Present State Of Being... I’ve got a number on a napkin, a poundin in my head Takes everything I’ve got to crawl out of bed I lost a hell of a woman, freedom caught me on the chin But I’m doin alright f… [more]