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I Loved Him But It Didnt Go Both Ways

Findng Out The Truth... I had been with this man for a little over 3 years and was married to him for 10 months before he left our childrens lives and also mine.Arriving to the place I am now..wasnt exactly the... [more]
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  • I Wonder Why I Got Married Too

    Marriage..hhhm? I had gotten married at the age of 19! I would have done it earlier if it was legal.....although I sit here with no husband a year later..well only a "seperated husband"..I would honestly go back… [more]
  • I Battle Loneliness

    What To Do!?...... I guess I can start by saying it started January 1st,2007....the was the night that my "husband" had asked me out! You know the story of how its great at first but then one day,you get up… [more]
  • spending time together?

    Posted on: April 5th, 2010 at 8:05AM

    Well another day begins....Friday...saturday...sunday....we are supposed to be seperated and going for a divorce..why is it...that the night he left,he said " i hate you and i dont want anything to do with you"...why have we spent everyday together since my husband left?Saturday,I took the kids to his work to see him while we were in the area shopping,he wanted us to stay until he got off work and he insisted on driving us home and I told him it was okay..but he said " I dont have the heart to see you getting the I thinking this through way too much? or is he regretting his decision?I guess I will never know until he tells me..if he does, that is...I have to go this divorce thing … [more]


  • My Life 101

    Posted on: April 4th, 2010 at 7:35PM

    To blog about my life?hhhmmm..well I could probably write a book of it all from start to finish... APRIL 4TH,2010 I guess I can start by saying it started January 1st,2007....the was the night that my "husband" had asked me out! You know the story of how its great at first but then one day,you get up..and it starts to tumble and doesnt seem to want to stop.This relationship had a rocky start because we were young and family members were trying to stop us from doing...exactly what happened.We had moved in our first apartment together 6 months after we started dating,got engaged in the 7month,got pregnant in our 8th month.It was all fine until I was 4 months pregnant,and I found "THE EMAIL"… [more]


  • Not going through with it..

    Posted on: April 6th, 2010 at 10:27AM

    So..its tuesday afternoon..and I once again sit down in my quiet house..haha not! Turmoil still runs in my house but for some reason I am calm..I have been getting alot of comments of people trying to help me get through this all..One person told me that I shouldnt be the one to break the love between us with a divorce...So..I have decided not to go through with it..I did not want to do it anyway..but it was put into great perspective.If he really wants a divorce,he will be the one to go through with it. I just can't seem to get past it is still too early to decide what I want,I obviously found out what I don't want! All my energy is going towards loving my two children and myself.… [more]


  • "Need to Talk?"

    Posted on: April 8th, 2010 at 5:10PM

    thursday,april 8,2010... As you can problem guess what this blog is about by the title..didnt get to talk lastnight..he was over..but we spoke about nothing...when he was leaving...he said I need to talk to you,but Im gonna think about it on the way home so I dont jump with it,I will call you later tonight..did I receive a! well atleast not lastnight..was talking to him a little while ago,and he still wants to talk...about what? there is nothing to talk about,we have the kids all planned out..we know neither one of us is going for divorce...what else is there to speak about exactly??I hate these little games..and plus I hate not knowing something hahaha Im an extremely nosey pers… [more]