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I\'m just a cat.

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  • a little Italian (Sicilian)
  • and a little Polish
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Native American (Cherokee)
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I Don't Have a Close Family

What Family? None of my family members are particularly close with each other but I'm probably the most distanced from everyone except my father and SOMETIMES grandma and mother. I like it that way because they... [more]
KawaiiDoll has shared 61 Mature Experiences
  • I Like to Be Choked

    Asphyxiation Being choked turns me on sooooo much. I'm not sure why, but if feels so good especially when It's to the point of passing out. I don't do that often though due to the risk factor, but every once in aw… [more]
  • I Love to Swim In My Clothes

    Omg Yes! It feels sooo good in a weird way, I love how the clothes cling to your body when you get out of the water. It feels awesome. I also love taking showers clothed just for fun sometimes. (:… [more]
  • I Wish Someone Would Kill Me Now

    I'd Pay For My Death. I wish I could find someone that would be willing to end my life, I seriously would pay A LOT of money for it. I don't even care how they do it anymore... I think I'd rather have someone else do it th… [more]
  • I Got An Injection In the Ass

    Depromedrol Today I had to get an injection of Depromedrol, a steroid shot for my severe poison ivy. In my *** cheek. xD I'm just praying that It will help clear up the rash soon because it's spreading and spread… [more]