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About I'm 18. I love to write. I'm a great friend and very trustworthy. I'm very open minded and I won't judge anyone until I get to know them, unless my personal health or safety is at risk, and even then I do it hesitantly. I absolutely abhor the use of incorrect grammar, except for the use of shorthand. But even then, if you are going to say 'you're', DONT say 'your,' say 'youre.' <br /><br /><br /> Other than that, let's see. My favorite color is yellow, number is 6 and animal is a turtle. So if you were ever wondering what to get me for my birthday (highly unlikely), 6 yellow turtles would be a win. 8D<br /><br /><br /> I'm going to college for Film and Animation, so when I'm famous one day, you can say you knew me! Of course, you wouldn't even know it WAS me because you don't know my name. :p<br /><br /><br /> So yeah! That's about all I can think of right now. I'll update once in a while when I think of things. =)<br /><br /><br /> P.S. Interpret my dreams! 8)<br /><br /> And read my blog!!
Last Seen Mar 25, 2011
Member Since Sep 27, 2010
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  • a little Irish
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little German
  • and a little Austrian
  • and a little Danish
Vices Procrastination
Horoscope Libra
Special day 9-24
Books Harry Potter. By far.
Music A lot of random stuff.
Movies A lot. Plus the Lizzie McGuire movie. Yes I did just say that.
Local Time July 31st, 6:39 AM
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