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I'm a Lightworker. aka way shower.

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I Wtk What Element Were You Born Into Quiz

My Element Is.. You are an innovative person who values adventure. You believe life is magical.You are brilliant and expressive. You are naturally creative and artistic.You have to watch out for... [more]
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  • I Like Breadsticks

    These Are Jamaican Bread Sticks Made Out Of Fried ... cornmeal and they are awesomely sweet :) but not like cake of course. ;D… [more]
  • I Am a Healer

    My Progression Thru Healing Modalitys Whitelight Reiki Huesa Koso Rays Sokaisi And Now Whitelight Of Creation,,, um there some sites that offer free attunements such as this one  this is one site i enjoy reading from every so oftern because of its link section. Whitelight was my first use of heal… [more]
  • I Learned Astral Projection

    My First Time Was Acedental But Since Then Ive Awake New Abilitys Also. Like Healing And Clarivoyant Sight. this was a long time ago when i was like 19-20 I was sleeping at night and i woke snapped into my body but before waking i was inside my rroom looking down at myself. which was strange.… [more]
  • I Wtk What Season Your Soul Is Connected To

    Late Summer Early Fall I always feel better when fall comes around Summer is too hot winter too cold spring is snowy and rainy and all mixed up fall is consistant and warm yet cool at time till it hits winter then i go hibe… [more]