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im going to be a mom!
feeling excited
About My names Katy and I'm 19 years old. I joined EP because I have postural orthostatic tachycardiatric syndrome, so pots for short. I've suffered from pots since I was twelve, maybe even 8 but it's hard to remember. Severe symptoms didn't occur until I was 18 and I wasn't diagnosed until Nov. 7 2012. I've got a lot more "treatment time" ahead of me but I'll get better one day. Besides pots, I'm a hippie that loves video games and comics, normal nerdy stuff. I don't get to do much these days but I like writing poetry or drawing occasionally. I can interpret dreams and really love doing it. I used to model, which is my passion and dream but I can't until I reach some progress in my treatment. I also am in a relationship and live with my loving boyfriend who i couldnt be happier with, sometimes lol. So The end I guess? Or thanks for reading works too, so thanks :]
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