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I Love to Write

Silence perforated the air as though it were an actual presence. The only thing I could hear was my heartbeat thudding a sick sound in my ears. In a few seconds it would be me on stage and I... [more]
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  • I Feel Alone

    Locked Mind There is nothing more depressing to find that you're all alone, when there are so many people around you. They all say "Be strong, i'm here for you" but at the end of the day, it doesn't mean anything… [more]
  • I Spend a Lot of Time By Myself

    Me, Myself And I In another life, i'm sure i was a hermit. I practically live in my room 24/7, you won't see me at all unless i really needs something from downstairs. It doesn't help that my step sister's roo… [more]
  • I Know Life Is Not Easy

    My Story I was born in Durban, South Africa into a family consisting of my grandparents, my uncle and his wife. My mother, a single parent was a journalist for a small community newspaper. She didn’t make … [more]
  • I Want To Write Poetry From The Soul

    My Imagination Is it another hallucination or just plain fear? Maybe it’s an illusion but it was so clear If I blink will you disappear? You look like you’re made of thin air… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I secretly want to fall in love
    To all my friends i scoff at 'true love', it's all rubbish, is what i tell them. I mean seriously c'mon i bet it's just an illusion- a trick of the mind perhaps. But secretly i dream of falling in love- finding that perfect someone who'll take my breath away. Yeah, i don't believe in fairytales and dreams coming true, but there's a part of me that really, really wants to. Everybody wants to be loved, whether they admit or not. I used to consider it a weakness, to like guys and have crushes. I mean i wanted to be all independent, i didn't want to be held back by a guy. I consider myself to rely on only myself, but then something changed. I still can't pinpoint it but i changed ... I'm not tha… [more]
  • Growing up is Overrated

    Posted on: April 4th, 2012 at 8:08AM

    Today was an awful day and i'm left feeling as though it is not worthwhile to live anymore. I cried so much that i' sure that all those people who try and save water would be greatly disappointed in me. i just want the pain to go away,i can' live like this with a constant fear of not being good enough, and i try so hard to please everyone but it will never satisfy him. [my stepfather]. Anyone that believes in the supernatural is dumb and stupid,that' what he told me. It figures since he doesnt believe in God. When you don't believe in a higher power then tell me what you believe in because believing in yourself is not enough. I just wish someone would push a stop button in my life and rewind… [more]


  • My other blog

    Posted on: March 10th, 2014 at 2:46AM… [more]


  • Cracked Mirror

    Posted on: April 11th, 2012 at 4:52AM

    I've always enjoyed school, well most of the time but now that i know it will be ending in just over a year it scares me a little. It's not that i don't know what i want to do after i finish it's that i don't know if i will be strong enough to make it through. So many things could destroy my dreams, like a crack in a mirror that spreads like poison through the entire mirror, these are the thoughts that filter through my mind. I see the fragments of my future in bits and pieces, but i wonder if that picture will ever be whole one day, or if they will remain just as bits of my life that will never see the light of day. What if the mirror of my hopes will only ever be a vision . . .… [more]


  • The End Is Near

    Posted on: October 15th, 2013 at 7:25AM

    For twelve years of my short life I spent in an institution loathed by many. The term 'school' was familiar despite its students abhorring the daily routine and rules. However now that it is almost over, a sense of sadness encompasses me. The fact that we have to enter the real world is inevitable now and there is nothing we can do to change that. No more can I keep my head in the clouds, now I have to come back down to reside in the realistic and harsh world. I am faced with issues of money and my future is no longer an event I can just look forward to in the distance, it is approaching faster than I can keep track of, which is scary. It's like plunging out of an aeroplane into the air and … [more]