Female , 18-21

I'm nowhere near perfect, and I don't pretend to be. I may not be the best, but I'm better than some, I know.<br />
I'm a gypsy tried and true, I can never stay in one home base for more than a few months without itching for a big change.<br />
I live by the raver code of PLURR; Peace between all, Love of music and towards your fellow man, Unity between the masses, Respect of every one and every thing, and Responsibility towards the well-being of yourself and your fellows.

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  • a little Celtic
  • and a little Native American
  • and a little Swedish
  • and a little British
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little German
Vices Fun times and low prices, especially if there's an underwear sale going on somewhere!
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Taurus
Special day
Books Fiction and fantasy.
Music You can play pretty much everything you'd like and I'm sure it'd be okay in my book.
Movies Scary ones, and fantasy action films.
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I Love Silver Jewellry

It's The Only Kind I Wear. Not only am I allergic to the nikel in gold, as well as to something in white gold, but I think everything except silver looks tacky. Don't ask me why. [more]
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  • I Love High Heels

    My Favorite Heels. I have a couple pairs of high heels, one of which is my absolute favorite. They're a pair of black leather-like-material knee high five inch heels I got at HotTopic like, five years ago. They l… [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    The First Is The Best. I was fifteen. He was sixteen. We were taking an impossibly long car trip, in a minivan, from his hometown to Cedar Point in Ohio with the church youth group our respective friends went to… [more]
  • I Am a Teen Wiccan

    Or At Least Was. I met my mentor when I was fifteen. He showed me the most effective ways to meditate, taught me everything I know about herb usage, introduced me to the small coven he practiced with, and gave … [more]
  • I Lost My Father Too Young

    Daddy's Lost Little Girl. He was always my best friend, all the way through the awkward phases most of today'sgirls put a pause on being Daddy's Little Girl. I used to come home from work and climb in his lap, at sevent… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Oh boy...
    I know you're just scared of getting hurt by me the way she hurt you, but let me tell you this. I am just as scared, if not more. But I love you, so would you please just jump with me already? I've been waiting here, arm outstretched... All I need is for you to step forward, take my hand, and jump! We can catch each other if we jump together, you know.… [more]
  • Divination Of Sorts.

    Posted on: June 26th, 2010 at 6:27AM

    Jun 26 Taurus: Free up your schedule. Time isn't money - time is much more valuable than money. Besides, there are certain luxuries that only time can afford you - like good friends and meaningful recreation. Is my horoscope for today telling me to call out of work today, tell them I'm terribly ill or something, and go to Sea Breeze Park with my roommates during the day and head to Six Flags with them tonight? O.O … [more]


  • The Raver's Manifesto.

    Posted on: July 3rd, 2010 at 12:46AM

    Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is Technology. Our religion of choice is Music. Our currency of choice is Knowledge. Our politics of choice are None. Our society of choice is a utopia, though we know it will never be. You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence. We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children. We are one massive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself. We are The Massive. On… [more]


  • Contact Lenses

    Posted on: July 1st, 2010 at 7:29PM

    I took my contact lenses out of my eyes for the first time in eight months today. I realized I see better without them in than with them. With them, I still have to squint to see stuff. Without them, I'm reading stuff scross the room I wouldn't have been able to read three feet ahead of me. This is so weird. My mood: extremely happy … [more]