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I Have a Confession

I was rape over 6 years ago only my ex know and my old friend .My mom cheated on dad with my ex bf .my mom try to contol me but controls my brother .He 25 years old still lives at home. [more]
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  • I Lost My Virginity To Rape

    I Hate Thinking About What Happend .I was rape by my ex and know one knows besides my boyfriend not even my parents or best friend .This is what happend .I was at place where you can shop ride rides and go to the beach and there hotle.… [more]
  • I Miss My Soldier In Afghanistan

    He Wont Talk To Me I really do need someone to talk to .I don't know if anyone going throw the same thing or if you will understand but I hope someone can talk to me and maybe I am missing the big picture or something .… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    Brother Taking Inappropriate Picture N Mom N Brother Having Sex. My brother smakcs my *** and if I say its hot out my brother like yes u are or I say its hot he say well im sure your bf would agree.I will stand at the door or somewhere and he take pictures of my as… [more]
  • I Cant Stop Thinking About My Rape

    Talking To My Counselor About Rape? I want to talk to her what been on my mind for the past year .I dont want to go to court but it happend when I was 18 .on her profile it say Suspected child abuse or dependant adult or e… [more]