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I My First Anal Sex

Oh The Pain! It was with one of my boyfriends who I was visiting at college. He had talked about it a lot, but i never felt like doing it at all, but the more we would have sex the more he would ask and the times... [more]
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  • I Love Office Sex

    So Scary, But So Fun At The Same I work in an office part time while i go to school and one day was like no other. I went to work as normal, but it was only my third week there so still not really knowing anyone all that well. My bos… [more]
  • I Have Big Thighs

    Hate It Its so hard to find jeans that fit. I just went shopping today and couldn't find a pair that fit at all. Either they are baggy or so tight I would probably loose circulation. It sucks that having done… [more]
  • I Am Scared of Heights

    Can't Stand Heights!!! When I was younger my dad who is also afraid of heights use to have me go up on the roof to clean the gutters from the leaves. There was no way I could stand on the edge and look down to the ground ot… [more]