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I Want to Shair Some Thoughts Why I Like Bdsm

Surreal Or Too Real... The Master is an artist , His slave the clay, with the whip He will shape her , with humility He will mold her, Some will admire her, But only the Master, not even the slave, will know her true beauty... [more]
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  • I Had Someone Close to Me Murdered

    A 9mm? I find this one of my more embarrassing story's but as human im imperfectly perfect. The setting at the time was san antonio, right across from my freshman year in high school, 2004 at a abandoned mal… [more]
  • I Am Single

    Am I Too Be Forever Single? I am twenty-one an i live in Houston, i recently released my last slave physically and mentally... (recently being two months) I've been seeking the right woman for someone such as day i k… [more]
  • I Want to Shair Some Thoughts Why I Like Bdsm

    Her First Collar If my memory serves me, it was early Fall. I always enjoy this season utmost, at any rate i had known Rachel for some three years. It all started with a cry for help, a damage women abandoned by a con… [more]
  • I Want to Shair Some Thoughts Why I Like Bdsm

    Graphic By Nature Call it perverse, abusive, what have you. I saysex its always going to be natural no matter the type or fashion. I always started by having a fully submitted slave, i wouldn't tolerate any less. A sla… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Another day another dollar, some say.. i have this pent up feeling inside, not faite , not pride, tis a part of me left behind. Here to rewind & re-surface.. yaknow tap the scale at .4 and plot to deal or be delt with... it goes with out saying, i'll be scarce if not dead or deadly soon.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    as above is below
    It's tearing at my mind, i only have but a few people i really talk to personally. Yet each one of said buddy's has either exited my life drastically, blocked me, or just won't talk to me seriously any more. Should have known their isn't comfort for me during this life. I wonder to myself, "it's as if i have leprosy?" .. "shall i fall from faith to die now?" I mean im a hard working individual. Figures id be alone as long as possible, So let me be no nearer than a fading star....… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    symbol of power
    It's weird.... i have a buddy and he is doing extremely well in a since of the situation. What i did for him isn't allowed normally but i broke the covenant for my bro. I made a symbol of power to transfer onto a ring and gave it to him. I feel great that he is doing well, i just can't help but feel I've done wrong...… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Her body, her body. Oh im missin' her tonight. I held your limp body as you died but i couldn't save you.. the weight of your memory is still heavier than your body and I'll never forget your hundred and fifty pound body.... i will never forget you Heather.… [more]