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I am a gay man. Old fart, living in Asia. Professional life aside, my interests are ladyboys, femboys and gayboys.

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Vices drink too much
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I Do Not Respect Book Burning

The Nazis Burnt Books Among many others the Nazis burnt books they saw as politically incorrect. That is, such books were seen to have violated the precious chosen subjective values of... [more]
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  • I Want To Make Love To A Lady Boy

    Ladyboyland I live in Ladyboyland. I "make love to", ie I ****, ladyboys whenever I can. They are my favourite gender, with daylight second. As an old man I only do short time stuff now, but I once ha… [more]
  • I Have Dated a Trans Person

    I Live In Ladyboyland Living in Asia I move in┬ávarious circles: professional (which is straight, sober, cold), social (which is not a big deal for me, only occasional, and involves straight mostly white expat men - and so… [more]
  • I Am An Author

    Wary Of Amazon Direct Publishing This is the second instalment of this opinion piece. The first instalment, titled: I Don't Trust amazon Direct Publishing, was put up on EP yesterday in the Experience: I am a Published A… [more]
  • I Contemplate Genital Modification

    Subincision For Discerning Mamas Subincision is another practice that swept hunting societies in the recent period, perhaps over two thousand or so years. This is where a cut is made on the dorsal side of the penile shaft, from the g… [more]