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I Love My Wife and She Is My Best Friend

Got Who I Wanted i have known my wife since 3rd grade. never even talked to her that much even in church. we lived right around the block from each other and never been to each others house. after graduating high... [more]
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  • I Have Been Nude In Front Of Family

    Only In Front Of My Wife As far as family goes only my wife has seen me naked. But then again she is supposed to see me naked anyway. For me to go nude in front of the rest of my family would be a little awkward. For that to … [more]
  • I Love To Read Nudist Stories

    Very Interesting all these nudists stories are very interesting to read. some of these stories are really long but they are interesting. they take the risk of going naked in public knowing they may get caught and then… [more]
  • I Like Being Nude At Home

    Summer Time I remember back when I was in high school I was in summer school. I only had to take one class. My school was in walking distance. Knowing that I would be home alone I got at least to the house next t… [more]
  • I Love Sex

    My First Time Growing up I had a slight interest in sex. I didn't know nothing about it I just like seeing two people kiss. Then entering middle I started grabbing girls butts not thinking they would tell on me but… [more]