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I Am a Young Military Girlfriend Or Wife

In 2 days I will be an Army Wife. This is not the life I had expected; my father was Special Forces and I always said I would NEVER marry into the Army but I am. I love my fiance, and I know this will... [more]
  • I Am Pregnant and Single

    I am 22-years-old, I am almost a college graduate. I recently found out I am pregnant by my "ex" if you can even call him that. We dated for barely a week, we had sex ONCE and I got pregnant. Our rela… [more]
  • I Am a United States Army Girlfriend

    Support. Hey! I am an Army Girlfriend (obviously). My dad was a soldier so I know what to expect. My boyfriend finished Basic and all of that and just got his first duty station, which thankfully is … [more]
  • I Am An Army Girlfriend

    Advice Please ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOMED.. I know a girl from back home, we recently reconnected over Twitter & Facebook where she has a couple of "milso" support sites. Here's the thing: She's not really an A… [more]
  • I Am the Girlfriend of a Us Army Soldier

    Military Support: ALL BRANCHES Hey Ladies! If you are looking for support I highly suggest you follow this site on Facebook!… [more]