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I Have a Confession

I started smoking when i was 8 years old.. My parents constantly abuse me phscically and i cannot do anything about it ..My dad threatens to kill me soon.. I live in constant fear of the un known... I... [more]
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  • I Am Not You So Dont Judge Me Its My Life

    My Mom Judges Me When She Know Absolutely Nothing About Me! I have a mother you will never pray to have.. Dont you dare criticize me by saying i am a bad daughter for spoiling my mom here because you DONT KNOW HER!!.. I hate to listen to her .. She always conf… [more]
  • I Don't Want to Eat

    Food Is Evil!!!!!! Hey people.. Hmmmm... What can i say i hate food.... Well this hatred really started this weekend... I have been anorexic for some time now and i am 96lbs... I dont really care if i die or live the fa… [more]
  • I Will Take You As You Are

    I Am Not Fake Some how every one wants you to be fake even if they dont say it.... if you tell someone the truth about themseleves they start to hate... if i tell you to leave your boyfriend because he is asking me… [more]