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  • Love Confessions

    Life started...
    I have been hearing this topic a lot lately at work. People getting married and saying, "they can't wait to get their lives started", or "their lives will start as soon as they get married". This is a misperception. Life doesn't start when one gets married! Life started a few billion years ago! And "your life" started when you were born. This is another topic that really bothers me. Who says your life will start when you get married???? Why do people get married in the first place?  Are you waiting for something better to happen?  Do you expect your life to be better as soon as you get married.  Start your life NOW! be PRESENT!   What will happen when you are married and it's not what you ex… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Facebook does not define who I am, nor the car that I drive or the career path that I choose.FB is an addiction that i will overcome one day. Egos flying around everywhere. People seems to take it so seriously. Wether I "like" something, wether  if I respond or not respond. FB has taken over our lives. It knows what we are doing and it able to control us. A double edge sword??  The car that I drive does not make me who I am. The career and job that i have does not make me who I am.The car that I drive does not make me who I am. The clothing that I wear does not make me who I am.There is more to me than all those material thing and all the forms.I refuse to limit myself!  Do not judge me for … [more]