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funny how people use ep allday but have no recent activty lol hoe hoe hoes

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I Want To Share 10 Things About Me

1. I am a Juggalo rapper 2. I am 27 and tall 3 .I have a 88 corvette and a doge dart 4. I don't drink but I smoke weed 5. I am shy in real life 6. I am Canadian [more]
  • I Have Alot of Sadness In My Heart

    Many years of being walked on has made me this way … [more]
  • I Hate Ep Drama

    Its a joke high school kids **** I learn people who have drama are no good just love starting **** I have no time for people like that some one hates on you because for no reason ether you got som… [more]
  • I Ep Account Was Hacked

    some many jelly fish's kind of sickening so glade am above ep and all social networking sites its all control **** it all … [more]
  • I Am Coming For You In The Darkness

    Mahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahh… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I need a change tired of the same old same old  i feel like am running in circles realness is hard to find in the world just people all about number 1  i shell fade into the neverending storys the nothing walk into something magicl… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    ep hates me
    EP hates me  i have been blocked its messed o well i am  done with the people and haters here… [more]