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Ask Away Ask me anything practically anything I will say it in truth [more]
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  • I Hate Being A Boy I Wish I Were A Girl

    Hate I hate being born a guy for a few reasons 1. Guys in my country must serve the army 2. Guys get scolded more even of they never did anything 3. Guys doesn't get special treatment … [more]
  • I Like to Read

    Librarian When I was young I took this as part of my activities in school. I used to shelf books in but before that I would read it. By doing this for 2 years I think I read all the book in the library but woul… [more]
  • I Am Growing As a Person

    Games When I was young I started playing with games like catching. It then slowly grew into a new type of play like Pokemon cards or digimon cards. Used to stay interested in games until I was 17 when I sta… [more]
  • I Was Late to Work

    Rush To Work Rushing to work sucks especially if your a part timer and must borrow their uniform. On one such day I was late for work I quickly put on a uniform but it was for the female stuff I was so embarrassed… [more]