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I'd like to have friends here , speak to me [more]
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  • I Life

    searching for friends in real life , can't succeed in the way you drew , trying to satisfy yourself by indulging into internet to find some people however it's gonna be harder for the people who don't… [more]
  • I Thoughts

    I have many thoughts about this life that would send me to death ... I always want to live it on my own with no help of anyone , I'm tired of this saying " Human is sociable by nature " and that we ca… [more]
  • I People Here

    some people are amazing some others I think they got the wrong ticket to this site … [more]
  • I People

    when you find someone telling he's in need of others to speak with , he can get help even from people he thinks they don't really need to help him but want to invest him/her some other time and he tur… [more]