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I Am Christian

The Evidence That God Exists Is Perhaps Best Found In The Changing Of Peoples Lives Over A Period Of Thousands Of Years. I am pleased to see that there are often questions on EP about God and whether he exists.(“Are you there/do you care . .” type of thing.) And when I look through the answers .its heart warming to... [more]
  • I Am Christian

    Questions I'd Like To Ask Atheists,Agnostics,Disbelievers,Unbelievers Or The Like First of all I am posting this in response to a similar list of 10 questions I answered for Luce1984 to say why I believe. She insisted that her questions were posted in a friendly and non confr… [more]
  • I Write Code For a Living

    The Lesson To Be Learned From The Da Vinci Code (Book And Movie) I was interested to know how Dan Brown thought he'd  get away with all the nonsense he wrote in that book of his which has been so neatly refuted  by so many critics who have the necessary credentia… [more]
  • I Love Listening to Leonard Cohen

    " I Lit A Thin Green Candle,to Make You Jealous Of Me . . ." "but the room just filled up with mosquitos they heard that my body was free then I took the dust of a long sleepless night and I put it in your little shoe I then (I con… [more]
  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    "Beware of Being Too Friendly . ." Despite  what John Lennon might have wished for ,something like the human race functioning as one,beware of being too friendly with a long distance relationship.There are many pitfalls.Something can … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    "I think men just get bored with so much talking . . . . . . ."
    I know I am venruring into dangerous waters here . .there are also women that don't like the bla . .bla. . .bla , . .that we hear on the soaps everyday. But I still think we are created slightly different in that way and the men that I know cannot stand the empty talk on soaps.Whereas . . . .hmmmm. . .may enough said. Anybody like to differ?… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    "I must confess watching old people fascinates me. .!"
    Yes I am in that group too at 62 ,but it fascinates me to watch people older than myself esp those ones who cycle to buy the milk and bread .Some of them look so distinguished you can see he was an CEO not long ago . . .yesterday an important man,today 'nothing' in peoples eyes,but he is free. And the same for the older ladies doing their shopping woth their hubbies . . .telling him all the time which way he must go . . .that he had forgotten to pick up thing from the previous shelves they visited . .but in a nice and calm fashion . .and he would just walk on mumbling by himself . .but kindly. Retirement can be so much fun esp if you still have many interests and hobbies. Not everybody makes… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Don't say:'I know people . . .'
    We are often temted to do so,but when we generalize like that, it is mostly because of lazy thinking. When we say that we know people.en mass,we normally refer to the people we work with,the ones we talk with,shop with.the ones that happen to come our way . . . But if we get up six o'clock in the morning to go for a walk or a run;or when we hike in the mountains;even go to the library or museum,art gallery,opera . . .or go to church,we meet people who have made an effort to be there.And they are different. So too, do I think of the people who belong to EP as writers and philiosophers.Different from the 'lazy' masses.… [more]