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I Im Open Minded

How would you know? I always found it weird when people asked me am I'm openminded. Of course I'm going to say yeah who thinks of themselves as close minded/stupid or judgmental? How would a close... [more]
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  • I Think Perception Is Everything

    Conversation I Had At 17 That Opened My Eyes This was my first real revelation  this is a convo i had with someone else around my age back when i was more cynical then anything comments are greatly appreciated Me-… [more]
  • I Am Spiritual But Not Religious

    What I Pray To I am spiritual but not religious i havnt been religious since the 11th grade in highschool when i found out tht alot of the worlds biggest religions were spread threw slavery imperialism and war. The … [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Numb I matter as well be blind for i can not see the truth, I might as well be be deaf I can not hear the lies, I might as well be dumb my vooice is silenced, Soon I wont know the taste of freedom if Iever… [more]
  • I Love Creativity And Individuality

    Midas Touch Ima reach the point when everything I touch turns to gold. In alchemy man is the base metal and the higher self he constantly fights to obtain is the gold. Alchemist everyday burned metals ,thei… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I find the term reverse racist stupid
    That term never made any sense, if I assume that all white people are racist I'm a reverse racist, but if you assume all black people are reverse racist what would that make you? a reverse reverse racist? lol either way people are dealing with mass generalizations which is wrong in it self.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

      without  slavery,imperialism  and  war  the  majority  of  the  world  wouldn’t  be  Christian  or  Catholic.  Most  names  and  languages  would  be  vastly  different  along  thewestern  hemisphere. the irony is if it wasnt for these horrible events i most likly wouldnt exist right now… [more]