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I Love the Way Music Makes Me Feel

Undisclosed Desires by Muse. Particularly during the chorus. [more]
  • I Am a Day Dreamer

    Sometimes I tend to get so carried away in my day dreams that I start to make faces, laugh aloud, twitch (when I'm thinking of fighting), or even whisper the dialogue in my head to myself. My best fri… [more]
  • I Have Random Thoughts

    Why is every girl I'm RPing with creating clingy, damsel in distress characters?! Jeez, I wish I could kill their characters off already. I mean why not? Characters like that can't survive unless they… [more]
  • I Have Random Thoughts

    Does anyone else have to keep refreshing their page in order to see new notifications? Just wanna see if that's supposed to happen or not.… [more]
  • I Love Music

    "Let's Go!" by Matt and Kim. It just makes me think of a happy-go-lucky attitude and a fun, silly photo shoot with my sisters that's never happened. ^_^… [more]