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Im 16 I live in a gay small town I have 5 animals a cat (Fluffy) 2 days Saidy and Nookie a bird (Chewy) and 2 guinea pigs Mr. Moe and Gizmoe.

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I Have a Confession

my ex cheated on me and now i feel like nothing i dont feel like any guy could ever love me i feel like nothing [more]
  • I Accidentally Killed My Pet

    My Fish Went Down The Drain so when i clean my fish take i let my fish swin around in the bath tub and i wanted to let some watter out and my favorit fish miss goldy went down the drain i was rele sad… [more]
  • I My Dad Doesn't Care About Me

    He Let His Girlfriend Beat Me Up  my dads girlfriend offten would hurt me but behind his back so when i would tell him he never believed me. finally one day she beat the s h i t out of me in front of him and my   mom both i ran to… [more]
  • I Am a Teenage Mom

    Im 16 And 5 Weeks Along My whole family knows and they were dissapointed at first but they are happy now im rele happy but scared at the same time i have a rele good boyfriend and he is 19 i know he is going to be their for … [more]
  • I Am "precious"

    I Am My Owm Person! I have been though alot of things that i know no one should ever have to go though. but i still stand strong and when i finally get to move away from everything that is holding me back. and i will pro… [more]