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Now nearly a month since I shaved off all my hair (head to toe inc. eyelashes) and I have kept it all off, cos I love it!

totally hairless from head to toe

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I Having Laser Hair Removal From Head 2 Toe

i've already had 2 sessions, only a few more. i'm even doing the face and eyebrows - can't do eyelashes though. i soon won't be able to grow a single hair. lol [more]
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    Guilt about being hairless
    I have to admit I do feel a bit guily about my desire to be 100% hairless as I'm aware there are those who suffer from full Alopecia that would love to have hair, and I'm going the opposite way!… [more]
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    Shaving everything hairless
    I can't stop shaving myself from head to toe.  I first removed it all 2 months ago and I have shaved everything every single day.  I have even plucked my eyelashes out.  I love the fact that I don't have a single hair on me, anywhere!  My next step is to make it all permanently gone! lol… [more]