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I Love Nature

Work I have kind a mixed feelings at work. I recently started to set up my print shop at home. I am currently employed at one. But After many many yrs working for other people, I decided to set up my own... [more]
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  • I Met Someone Online Who Is Important to Me

    You Mean So Much To Me - More Than Words Can Express... Some years ago I was looking for a website where I could get the latest Reggaeton Hits. I stumbled upon one of them which required me to create a profile and become a member, which I did. Happens that… [more]
  • I Love Art

    self taught Hello everyone - I am an artist - well, I don't have any diplomas or certificates or degrees to show it except for the work I have done - I have never taken any art classes or even steppe… [more]
  • I Wish I Knew How To Make Friends Here

    I Only Have One Friend :( How do poeple make friends. Its been a while since I became a member of th is site and all I have is one friend. The one who told me about the site :) - I love you Lunaaaa!!! - but... how do I… [more]
  • I Like Spooky Graveyards

    My Mom Yesterday was exactly one year after my mom's death. To follow traditions, we help a special religious ceremony at the exact time of her death. - Seems like not so long ago - but its been a year. I mi… [more]
  • Drown in Ashes

    Posted on: November 25th, 2010 at 1:48PM

    My soul, my tomb. My pain, my joy. My darkest mind, my love destroyed. I drown in ashes you've enshrined. Of blissful days long gone by. Concealed behind my dying eyes. This hell of anger and weary lies. A frame of mind, a dismal soul. My final womb, this flesh turned cold. You held me down and let me bleed. My love, it died, along with me. Along with me. My wound, my cry. A world of scars and caresses pale. And thoughts as chaste as pristine dew. And flowers placed across your face. I trace the life I've lost with you. This bleakest pit that you've unveiled. I hate to love as it is pain. My hands are cut but I still sail. An ocean of sadness in the rain. My flesh, my blood. My wound, my… [more]


  • ...if i can't be my own - i'd feel better dead.

    Posted on: November 11th, 2009 at 9:39AM

    Those are the last lines of the song "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains. I feel a connection to this song because I feel like that most of the time. I can't be myslef when I'm with my significant other. I have to be careeful of what I do, of what I say or how I act. After so many years I guess its become second nature. When I'm by myself i'm totally different. I can let loose and be a happy, fun loving person. I can run jokes with people and laugh and just be myself!...… [more]