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I Am a Proud Mom

My Pam... She called me and told me she needs a light blue gown. My daughter will be a bridesmaid at 10, so early to be but too old to be a flower girl.  She was asked by my friend who is getting... [more]
  • I Had An Abortion

    The Best Choice I Made, I Hope....... I am 29 years old and I had an abortion May 4, 2008.  It was awful.  I am an overseas working here in Gulf and I was married and having 3 children.  My marriage didnt worked out so I de… [more]
  • I Need to Lose Weight

    O My.. I dont have anything to wear now. . I mean all the clothes in my closet doesnt fit me.. Have to buy new outfits??? Better lose weight,,, but so difficult.  Help me, maybe you can sugges… [more]
  • I Love to Be Hugged

    Feel The Warmth... I loved the way you hugged me from behind. .. While gently kissing my neck... your hands on mine... And slowly turning me on your side, to say goodnight and give a gentle kiss on the fo… [more]
  • I Have to Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

    I Hope I Can... And i did it. I told him its over, thought it was easy.  I only need his acceptance so we will call it over.  He told he will give me time to think.  I cant wait any longer.  … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I dont understand, why I have fallen so much for you now. Its not like this before. You always tell me, this is one sided. No, I dont think so. In these past days, I feel so much for you. You should read it, and feel it. Distance is not even a hindrance to make us feel both the joy, warmth and the pleasure of talking and just the simple mmmmm. I loved it. and how I wish, were here together. Its not just ou who are falling, you have to believe me too....… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Im strong enough...
    Saying goodbye to the things that are not meant for us doesn't mean that we give up on them, but it simply means that we are strong enough to let go.… [more]