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I had the career, 17 years law enforcement big city - Retired mental disability - Bipolar with Psychotic Features and Post Traumatic Stress/Severe Anxiety and Panic and a few other things - But I will be damned if I let this snuff me out! I am a survivor and to me my insanity is a gift - I will never quit and I will laugh until the end! Join me in the madness! LMAO

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I Believe In Fighting My Fears

Boundaries The only boundaries are those that we adopt from other, their fears, or the ones we create to beleive in. Have we not seen these boundaries crossed time and again with small and large miracles... [more]
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  • I Miss My Dog Who Passed Away

    I Will See You Again! I was once told my a preacher that dogs do not have souls - I was depressed for two long years when I was a teenager. Yet I could not beleive this and I am glad that it made me angry and down right p… [more]
  • I Am a Monster

    Disgusted And Ashamed - Forgive Me Banshee For 7 days I have been full of deception. I have known for this short time that blarracuda is Venusapple. I added her to my circle not knowing she was Venusapple. She has been likable as blarracuda… [more]
  • I See the Beauty In the Breakdown

    Insight Through Breaking Down My experiences have allowed me to hit the bottom of the Pit of Dispair and through repitition, I have learned that I will get out  in due time and the only way out is back up.  Sometimes it takes … [more]
  • I Want You to Write a Ten Word Story

    No Regrets No regrets over my past, mine to judge not others!… [more]