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well EP sorry i left you behind for so long but im back :)

I am very down to earth kinda person. i enjoy having a good time meeting new people and enjoy laughing at the funny things going on in this site haha. Oh and one more thing there are no dumb ass rules on my page do whatever you want i get a kick out of it practice you freedom of speach. Unlike those with rules i actually have a life outside of this website so i dont need rules to protect myself cause im not on here 24-7. OKAY ENJOY URSELFS

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I Lost My Brother

Miss you buudy :] When i was three i had a brother, Morgan, who was 1. He was my best friend i would do everything with him. One morning we got up early to jump on the top bunk. He was too small to climb the latter so... [more]
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    Does This Make You Need To Touch Yourself. i need to take some time to touch you slow and steady as you lay back and shake with excitement. I get on you as 4 start grinding you into the bed you love the pressure of me on you, you just open you… [more]
  • I Am Craving Physical Contact

    Somebody That I Used To Know. It all started that night with the same old usual phone call from her (seeing as how work was a ***** that day i was worn out.) . informing me that her scenial mother was skippin town for the night.I… [more]
  • I Love Cleaning My Ears

    Finally! Yyesss!!! Finally found a group to explain how obsessed i am with cleanin my ears. Using a qtip around 20 times a day.. It just feels good like releivin an itch lol. Yup wont b long till i go deaf.… [more]
  • I Am American

    Frisky really waitin for touch :P … [more]