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I Write On A Bridge To Nowhere

Speeding Away I often feel like time seems to be speeding up even though the clock still counts the minutes.  I look forward to tripping over a crack in the tiles of time so I have to stop for a moment.   [more]
  • I Dwell On Thoughts Beyond This Physical World

    Fantasy Better Than Real Life? It is interesting to stop and think about what we do.  I have found that for many people, the fantasy is better than the real thing.  We all like to escape reality, myself included but, many people … [more]
  • I Am Christian

    My Words To 'where I Belong' By Building 429 All I know is I'm not dead yet, this is right where I belong...Take my life and use it Jesus, bring me home when you are done.For the past two days, all day I sang these words in my mind, someti… [more]
  • I Have a Story to Tell

    The Taming Of A Wild Beast You can’t tame this wild beast…oh sure, you may capture it from time to time and even put it in a cage for many years but; it will find a way to escape. The spirit of the wild beast runs thr… [more]
  • I Dwell On Thoughts Beyond This Physical World

    Drifting Off To The Land Of Dreams      I so enjoy sleepy town.  I would say that sleep is likely the most enjoyable experience we have.  The peace just hugs your entire body.  Where else can you be anything your mind can imagin… [more]
  • Happiness: My Own Prison

    Posted on: March 18th, 2012 at 9:12PM

    For most of my long life thus far, I have struggled to attain happiness.  When I finally achieved happiness, it took me some time to realize I was happy.  I have since determined that happiness can be it's own prison.  Struggling for so many years to achieve something, then reaching it and coasting on the plain, can alter the mind.  I can see being content to complacent, to becoming depressed because, there is no struggle to keep my mind occupied.  I can see the desire to coast overwhelming me.  I know now why people who have achieved so much, fall so hard.  We see the stars of Hollywood, we see the politicians, we see the great business people fall from the high places, and we wonder why.  … [more]


  • What makes us happy?

    Posted on: February 18th, 2012 at 10:07PM

    I wonder what makes me happy.  I enjoy some things but, i'm not sure those things make me happy.  Do you know what makes you happy?  I live my life, I do what I have to, from the outside my life looks good...frankly, from the inside view my life looks good too.  I just really want to know why I don't get all excited about things, you know; like out of breath laughter, like I can't imagine life without such and such.  I enjoy learning about others, I enjoy growing in knowledge and wisdom, I just don't know if what I enjoy in life makes me happy.  There is really not much in my life that makes me unhappy.  I just kind of exist in a state of contentment.  I am satisfied, comfortable, and I real… [more]


  • Epiphany of Happiness

    Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 at 10:24PM

    I have realized that I am happy.  Mature happiness isn't out of breath laughter on the playground as a child.  I have been wondering about happiness lately.  I do think happiness comes in many forms per the person it's attached to.  I think for me part of my happiness is none or limited drama in my life.  I have tried to eliminate life's drama from my life.  There are other things in my life that makes me happy to.                                                                                          I think I haven't been happy most of my life, and that has been my problem in determining if I were happy or not.  I simply didn't know what the emotion was.  I am glad to know where I am.  … [more]