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It is futile to describe myself;there is always a transition occurring,preventing a current state of being.If anything,just send me a PM;I ain't Mr.Popular,so I'll be able to see your message.Hell,I'd be delighted to receive one.

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I Am a Nihilist

Looking for a willing soul. Looking for someone who experiences reoccurring bouts of nihilistic thoughts, who deals with these instances frequently. I'm not talking about... [more]
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  • I Had a Near Death Experience

    Ren And Stimpy Saved Me. When I was eight years old,give or take,I had what could now be classified as a NDE. Prior this realization,I thought of them to as ONLY visions observed when consciousness is lost due to a bodily com… [more]
  • I Found My Soulmate

    Static Birth. Aberration.An efficient adjective to depict the opinions of others,excluding my family,when pertaining to my being.Strange,grotesque,bizarre,surreal,odd,weird are some words that may come to mind a… [more]
  • I Found My Soulmate

    Still-born Refusal Successor to Static Birth It's been about a year since I posted my story pertaining to my first legitimate potential.Here's a quick summary of that matter:I had met someone who had… [more]
  • I Will Listen to You

    To Lie Dormant Only Is A Fallacy. Back yonder when I had released a couple of my stories,I had expected to receive feedback via comments or personal messaging.I did receive one reply,yet a revelation came to be:Not all who seek a l… [more]
  • Without______,no one will_____.

    Posted on: January 19th, 2010 at 2:33AM

    Those blanks will accept universally any word that is chosen to saturate their voids.Persisting on this site for a little over a month,I began with an attempt to diverge from bearing conceit.Still gradually accepting this rather recent revelation that all bear conceit,it appears that I shall be inclined to emit my tales of existence to others who(for a grotesque reason,there are)seek "answers".Adorable,isn't it? Kurainia… [more]


  • Advent of birth

    Posted on: December 10th, 2009 at 2:33AM

    My composition holds no importance to the exterior,so be the interior as well.Then,why bother to create a page pertaining to myself?So as to establish a medium that shall link me to the vast array of perspectives that are relevant to this universe.I shall be void of criticism directed towards other ideologies.Instead,I shall serve as a listener.In this day and age,I have personally come to realize that this world is near eradicated of people who would be willing to investigate the multiple philosophies that everyone other than themselves live by,individually.Don't be shy and in perpetual pondering if I bite.It is pleasing to journey throughout your mental mazes. -Strange… [more]


  • Caldwell

    Posted on: September 5th, 2010 at 12:26AM

    It's something,that's for sure.So,what is it?No idea.There's a metaphor somewhere that can be applied to the Condition.A living statue,perhaps(though does one have to perceive the emotional sensations to be considered "living")? It's not as though a difference is being made;this is only a stage of existence when I am in this isolation.And yet,the feeling is far more potent when with others.Regardless,I have made it my point to die with my own Self,as to being enslaved by the foundations created by others.The struggle is still burning within.Actually.....No,there's no point in spoiling the tale in it's development.As for the self-induced departure,nihil!To perish from that Unknown creature sh… [more]