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I Have a Confession

 I do receomend Being carefull getting your woman stuff. make sure its stretch enough. and conforms to her shape. i did and i paid off big time.  She fels more self confident. even when she... [more]
kyle6v71 has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Got My Wife To Start Wearing Thongs

    How I Got My Wife To Start Wearing Thongs Well it all stater when i asked my wife if she wanted to try wearing a thong. She was totally ick about the whole thing. she said you first then i might try it. So i figured what the heck! I had alrea… [more]
  • I Don't Know Why I'm Crying

    Why Me i sometimes just wanna cry for no reason at all. my wife doesnt understand or doesent want to understand. i can be outside by myself just enjoying the nice quiet and a feeling just comes over me and m… [more]
  • I Have Ridden a Train

    Climb On Up i have rode on several of the trains. ive also been in the cab of many of them as well as feeling and hearing the hum of the EMD. now if i would be able to ride in the engine. that would be right up m… [more]
  • I Really, Really Hated School

    My Worst Years i hated going to school because of all the loosers that put me down. it was hard but i ignored them. i kept thinking of the day that i was able to get the heck outta there. i only went to school becau… [more]