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I Hate People Who Hate Me For No Reason

The Answer Be Forever Known From Eganville's Most Hated It is true as babies we are born with the ability to utilize basic emotions. To cry when unhappy and there for require attention, to feel lonely when left alone to feel happy when our needs have been... [more]
  • I Am Trying to Lose Weight

    Shame, Ridicule, And Inspiraton A Reflection Of My Struggle With Childhood Obeisty Some 12 Years Ago I wish you all the best in your journey to lose weight. In my opinion social media would be a good encouragement to keep to your goals and may inspire other people who are not as open and brave as you… [more]
  • I The Meaning Of Life

    Meaning Of Life (poem) Ever So Clear But Now Sobriety Makes It Cloudy Meaning of life Ever so clear but now sobriety makes it cloudy See what they say maybe it will work Maybe we can make it through all this pain and hurt Keep your … [more]
  • I Diary Of A Tweaker

    Tweaking Heavy The G-pass Exposed Presumably a wallet sized laminated piece of identification much like a social insurance number or drivers license, issued by mail 6-8 weeks after one has completed training and satisfied the high-st… [more]
  • I Wish Stupid People Would Stop Breeding

    Stupid People: Common Cents & The Missing Peace Companies now have to allocate a solid percentage of revues to the deep pockets of lawyers to whom take comments relating to being shifty or a shiesty individual as a compliment. Revenue that could… [more]